Happy New Me

Happy New Me

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hello again, bloggers!

Hi.. It has been a while since I've had any real time to post any substantial blogs.  I still find myself with just enough for a quick update, since my boss sent us all home early because it is such a nice day :).

Well, I have a job.  Frame Factory - Ann Arbor.  It's on Washtenaw across from Arborland.  Stop by for your framing needs or decorating ideas/tips/other cool stuff!

I have a band.  Nixon Omollo and the Survivors.  I am singing backup/lead on some songs.  We have an awesome keyboard player, so I'll probably just play the morracas or tambourine or something.. lol

I think I have plans for my b-day.  :)  Mount Pleasant for CMU's homecoming weekend.  It will be good to see old friends and revisit what was my home for a year and a half..  I'll be doing a little tailgating, and just catching up! :)  We'll probably make our way to the Wayside for a quick dance.. of course I have to make it to O'Kelly's and Coco Joes!!

Speaking of tailgating and football and stuff... who was watching the Michigan/Michigan State game last week?  Was that not an amazing victory?? GO GREEN!

Pics from last weekend's shenanigans: