Happy New Me

Happy New Me

Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's that time again.. Annual birthday goals

I don't know when or how it started, but I do know why.  Instead of New Years Resolutions on January 1st, I do "Birthday Resolutions" to renew focus and better myself.

Being just 8 days away, I think it's time to establish some new goals before the big 2-7.

1.  Train for a Marathon.

2.  Anti-wrinkle cream everyday.. I know I can't fight aging, but I can at least try. The lines on my face are beginning to be a permanent thing, not just a when-I-smile thing.

3.  Start blogging again.  I probably won't get as detailed anymore, because, well.. I have a personal life, but I would like to start writing again.  It's always fun to go back and read what I was thinking/feeling in times past.

4.  Less Facebook creeping.  This will probably be a struggle for me for a looooong time.

5.  At least 3 kind acts everyday.

6.  At least 10 kind words everyday.

7.  Be more friendly and outgoing-- saying "hi" to strangers, smiling at people I meet on the street, not being so stingy with hugs.

8.  Eat better.  No more swiss rolls and fudge brownies everyday.  :)  Although I will REALLY miss those things.

9.  Drink less coffee/drink more water.

10. Read at least 1 good book every month.  I will require some recommendations from all of you.  I just finished Tuesdays with Morrie (which was life-changing, and everything I needed to hear to get me through a little rough patch).

11.  Mind my own business.  Not in a rude or apathetic way, just in a "we're all different, we all do things differently, and maybe that's okay" kind of way.

12.  More volunteering.  I have gotten so that I equate time with money.  This is not okay for me.  My time is a gift to me, and I should share that gift with others.  So, I would like to help people that need it a lot or a little, and just give myself and my talents to community service and enrichment.

And that's all I've got for now.

So you--my dear people-- hold me accountable for my goals with encouragement and love, not judgement or pressure.  And tell me... what books have changed your life lately?