Happy New Me

Happy New Me

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The neighbors must have thought I had a tick or twitch or something

The neighbors must have thought I had a tick or a twitch or something as I carried dead limbs to our brush pile on the far lot.  I, being too spontaneous (or lazy) to put on bug spray, was flipping my head quickly to the left and blowing in my own ear (not at all sensually), slapping my arm, and laughing at myself, thinking about how CRAZY I must have looked while trying to "shoo" the mosquitos away.  Nevermind that the mosquito population in Michigan is completely OUT OF CONTROL (we joke that they are our state bird).  This act of lunacy, added to other slightly eccentric things I do around my house (only because I think nobody's watching)--  things like mowing the lawn in a bikini, playing (banging on) my piano late at night, having wrestling matches in the basement, and excercising in high heels-- could definitely ruin my pristine reputation of being "normal"... 

But don't worry.

I will NOT lose any sleep tonight over the fear that my neighbors might consider me slightly lunatic.  Thanks, in part, to a quote from Jane Austen's, Pride and Predjudice, "For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors, and laugh at them in our turn?" And also largely in part to the the fact that I know myself (and other people) well enough to believe that I'm not THAT weird.

*I have pulled a few examples of  "crazier than me" neighbor stuff off the web for your viewing pleasure.

This is funny because I used to practice baton/flags in my back yard, but my legs never looked nearly that good...

If any of my neighbors are reading this, don't worry... I'm probably not talking about you, and I DEFINITELY don't take pictures of the things I see in Leland Acres.

...or haven't yet, at least.

I'll probably frequently throw in these "asides", addressed to neighbors, friends and family members, because I never do know exactly who reads these things, and I would hate to offend or make anyone uncomfortable with the stuff I write. 

One person I DO know is reading... MY MAMA! :)  Hi, Mom.

She called me today to say that she really enjoyed reading my blog (aaaand to check up on how things were, of course).  Her phone call and positive feedback (along with all the responses I've had from all of you), were greatly appreciated and almost providencial in their timing. She called after I heard a message about "encouragement" at this church I visited this morning. The words really impressed upon me the need to share hope, strength, kindness and positive thoughts with others, and left me very open (almost broken) to thoughtful words of encouragement from others!

(I've been a little discouraged lately)

Well, I just pulled a pan of "Supreme Bars" -- half brownie, half cookie (100% delicious) -- out of the oven and think I'll go for a little swim to cool myself off while I wait for them to cool off (Dad and Christi have both helpfully checked to see if they're still too hot to eat).  Playing "Susie Homemaker" in the summer with no air conditioning can get pret-ty steamy. 

Oh boy! Speaking of hot... Things have heated up again, here in Ann Arbor. haha

I was beginning to believe that fall was upon us, but it looks like we'll have a few more warm days, and who knows... maybe even a little Indian Summer.  Wouldn't that be nice? :)

Well, this is me, signing off...

Until next time!

Peace and love (yeah, I'm a wanna-be hippie)...

Susie Q


  1. I love you :) and I have a confession to make...I copied your idea of a blog and made one myself! Hopefully you don't mind! haha I still have no idea what I'm doing! ok well ttyl fellow blogger! :)

  2. http://newdressaday.wordpress.com/

    I don't have any other way to share links with you that I can think of now that you're off FB (sob), so here. Enjoy!

  3. OOOOh i like. my friend Sally does something similar!

  4. And Mimsie! i'm so glad I could inspire! I tried to comment on your post about missing Ali, but was unable to... i think i met him just before he passed (breifly on the plane), it is always hard to lose a loved one, especially long before their time!

    Love you!

  5. Rach, here's the link to one of Sally's posts on her blog....