Happy New Me

Happy New Me

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I am bad at interviews.

I interviewed today for a receptionist position at a law firm in Ann Arbor.  Met with a very nice HR person, told her I was shy (which I am, but I don't know why I told her that), and am praying that it went well!  You know those things where you leave not knowing whether you bombed or passed with flying colors?  It was one of those...

I'm hopeful.  I guess I do have a few backup plans, but would just prefer to go with "Plan A": stable, steady office job at a good company with regular hours.

My thoughts are pretty random right now because I didn't get much sleep last night (I think my nerves/RLS kept me awake), and my alarm at 6:00am came WAY too early.  I think I'll try to take a nap. 

I'm supposed to can veggies with Lindsay (former co-worker), but I don't have as many ripe tomatoes and peppers as I thought I did, and I'm hoping she'll take a rain check until they are ready for canning.

I just tried to vacuum the pool, but what i thought was loose algae is actually an algae stain-- stuck to the base of the pool-- and it seems no amount of vacuuming or scrubbing will get it up.

So... instead of doing work, I'm headed down to the basement (the darkest, coolest place in the house) to hopefully catch up on rest.

Hope you liked my "one big status update" (which is what my Aunt Juanita pointed out to me that a blog is).  Love you, Auntie!

Hope you all have a great afternoon/evening/night!

Susie Q

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