Happy New Me

Happy New Me

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Silly me... I forgot my phone was in my pocket!

I wasn't even thinking about my phone being in my pocket as I balanced on the rim of our pool, pruning branches that hung out over the edge (trying to control the amount of leaves that clog the skimmer basket, and improve the amount of sunlight the pool receives).  One moment of weakness -- or loss of balance... whatever-- and... SPLASH! I fell into the pool. 

I'm an idiot.

Oh well, worse things have happened, and I got my phone all dried out and working again, so things are okay.

It might interest you to know that I sent my resume to a family seeking a french-speaking nanny.  It's full-time, in Chicago, they travel a lot (international and domestic), and need someone to care for their one (1!) preschool child while they're in the states and abroad.  DREAM JOB!!!

So, while I was at the library to update my resume/contact list, and get a new library card, I picked up a few things from the foreign language section.  I'm sure "at home, abroad french", "Learn French Now!", and "Baby's First Steps in French" -- a combination of literature and interactive media-- will help me brush up on my conversational French.  (I got the baby one to learn more children's songs and activities in case, by some stroke of luck, I get the nanny position).

Now, I'm off to learn (or re-learn, rather).

Take it easy, y'all! (I CAN say this because I do have a few southern roots...)

Susie Q

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