Happy New Me

Happy New Me

Friday, September 17, 2010

The lines on my face

The lines on my face are becoming, well... LINES.  Time for some preventative/proactive/reactive measures.  It's hard being broke, but fortunately, I found some of Christi's old eye cream upstairs in a bathroom drawer.  I hope she doesn't mind that I'm using it.

I was also very tempted, as I scrolled through the volunteer section of Ann Arbor's craigslist to respond to an ad for people who are interested in skincare products.  I haven't signed up for that yet (kind of hesitant because I have sensitive skin), but I did send an e-mail to FIDO (Finding Incredible Dog Owners) a dog adoption program, and am getting things in order to help them out with transport and working weekend events.  I figure since I can't adopt any dogs of my own right now, I can help some of them find good homes :).

I got a call back from MC Sports today to go in Tuesday to fill out some paperwork and talk to the GM.  I also interviewed yesterday morning at the Frame Factory (a surprisingly AMAZING store) that would be able to offer part-time work.  Hopefully I hear back from them soon too!  I am looking for any way to get my foot BACK in the door of design.

Revisited the volunteer section just now and found a link to a Detroit Urban Transformation Plans.  I think I'll shoot them an e-mail now!

Well, time to get this day in full-swing (it's been a little slow-going).

Oh.  If anyone has ideas for what I should do for my b-day, I'm open to suggestions.  And if you'll be around, I'd love to have you help me ring in another one.  It's just over a month away :).

Have a wonderful, blessed day!

Much love...

Susie Q


  1. We should do something special for your 25th and my 30th. Maybe. If we have time. Ideas???

  2. I'll come to your birthday party! Let's do a wine tour! Yay!